About Blue Room Studios
Established in late 2001, Blue Room Studios offers clients a comfortable recording space while maintaining a professional environment. Blue Room Studios was built with one thing in mind - to offer a high quality recording facility at an affordable price. We specialize in music production, audio engineering, recording, mixing, and digital editing. Our musical areas of expertise include rock, rap, punk, metal, progressive rock, folk, techno, and even video game music. In addition to having an arsenal of great recording equipment and resources, our engineering and production skills set the stage for some of the finest creative work possible. Blue Room Studios' clients range from top class acts to beginning bands.

Our Approach
Quality and customer satisfaction are our highest priorities. In order to achieve the best possible results, we take an approach based on partnership. We recognize that flexibility and customization are essential in meeting our customer's requirements and approval. We work closely with the artists to achieve the best results possible and make the recording process an easy and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

The Latest Technology
In order to bring accuracy to its limit and to mold your project with the best sound, we make use of the best of the digital equipment available. We know how important it is to take the time to research the tools needed to make the sound and production quality as best as we can. See our Recording Studio Equipment for more details.

From tracking to overdubs, to mix, Blue Room Studios will fit your recording budget perfectly... all under one roof. Affordable, high quality recording in a relaxed, productive setting are finally a package deal - here at Blue Room Studios.