Blue Room Studios is a full service audio production facility dedicated to helping its clients achieve their artistic goals. Material can be produced in every stage from conception, pre-production, all the way to mix down and editing.

Pricing For Engineering Services and Mixing
Blue Room Studios can help you get your previously recorded tracks to sound exactly the way you want them to sound. Services for mixing start at $30 an hour with a minumum of 15 hours.

Pricing For Tracking
Blue Room Studios has worked with many different musical styles and we are technically proficient on all types of audio equipment. From live two-track recordings to 32-track digital recording, Blue Room Studios excels. Our engineers are Digidesign Pro Tools certified in both music and post-production. Pricing for tracking begins at $45 an hour and vary depending on the size of the production.

Pricing For Project Coordination
If you are trying to put together a project, Blue Room Studios can help bring your idea to fruition. Project coordination begins at $25 an hour.

Seasonal Specials!!
Don't pass up your opritunity to get one of our "Blue Room Specials". Ask us about our special packages and our student discounts.