Equipment At Blue Room Studios we use highly sophisticated digital technology to produce a rich clean sound. We currently use the industry standard in digital recording, Pro Tools LE 7. We’ve got a wide variety of microphones, mixers and sequencing programs.

At Blue Room Studios we use nothing but the best. Our main recording program is a Digidesign Pro Tools LE 7 system.

Blue Room Studios use many various forms of hardware. We have two full Pro Tools systems including the Mbox, DIGI001 and the DIGI002. We use the Digidesign Digi002 as our main console.

Blue Room Studios microphone inventory consists of the following:
2 Oktava MK319
1 Oktava MK219
2 Oktava MK012
Peavy PAA350
2 Nady CM90
4 Nady DM70
1 Nady DM80
1 Radio Shack 33-3011
1 Radio Shack 33-3018
1 AKG D112
1 Hisonic HM800
1 BriteSound SE802
1 Carvin CM60
1 Samson R11
1 wireless Shure lavalier
2 wireless Sennheiser lavalier
1 wireless Nady Handheld
5 Shure sm58

Behringer ADA8000
Behringer MX2004a
4 Alesis Monitor Two
Alesis 150 watt amp

Korg N5ex Keyboard
Yamaha PSR900 Keyboard
Full sized Kawaii Upright Piano
1967 American Fender Stratocaster
Full sized Violin
Jupiter Alto Saxaphone
Universal Accordian